Initial Naturopathic Consult - $120 (90mins)

This includes a full case history and basic in clinic diagnostics. Health fund rebates available for suitable individuals.

Follow Up Naturopathic Consult - $90 (45mins)

This includes a review of current treatment protocol and progress. Health fund rebates available for suitable individuals.

Functional Testing - POA

As part of your naturopathic consult a range of functional tests may be recommended to gain further insight into the bodies chemistry. Generally exempt from health fund rebates and not covered by medicare.

Biosignature including skin folds - $80

Biosignature involves taking skin folds at 12 sites on the body which then gives an overall indication of the individuals lean body mass, body fat % and possible hormonal influences on weight distribution.  Suitable for individuals looking to loose body fat or athletes looking to monitor body composition.

16 week Fatloss Program - $900 

This includes an initial consult with Biosignature, dietary meal plan tailored to the individuals biosignature and 8 follow up skin folds over the course of 16 weeks.

Farmers Market/Shopping Tours - $100 (60mins)

A personal food shopping experience to help put you at ease with selecting and utilising the best seasonal and clean produce available.  During these trips I will take you through a local farmers market where we can engage with farmers and connect with the people who grow your food.  How is your food grown?  Organic? Spray free? Commercial? What does this involve? I believe being connected with the people who produce your food is import and something I'm passionate about sharing.  These trips can be tailored to focus on what meals you are aiming to construction from your weekly shop.  Shopping to feed a family, shopping to feed just you, shopping for a special occasion.